ROTAS – SATOR 1.62 Square 2.16 – ALL is SET in ST:ONE

The RC Calculator/Converter is synchronised to the Divine Cycles for Collective Realignment with
precise Light/Timing (SOL) Cadences.

It is the Method that had to be Remembered, all Combinations and Recipes work within it.

Alpha-Beta 26 letters – ( ( ( X(3) / 3 x 360 x 24 x 60 x 60 /10368000 ) ) )

The Zum of Everything +/- is equilibrium = The Middle 1269 !

The neutral centre point (Centrum Punkt) N as in Z(Zigma) passage of zums of all numbers,
space expansion from time contraction.


In Every Colour There’s Light – In Every Stone Sleeps a Crystal.

Remember The Shaman When He Used to Say,
Man Is the Dream of the Dolphin.

Itistime #theDD #theCC

We are please to welcome All ONE – Blog post #5

REady – Set – Hut

Wat do we mean by All Set – ONE

– All measurements are set
– All distances are set
– All time is set
– All memory is set

Appreciate the multi-experience 😃

If one point moves – All points move

Fields Law proven with dots (order by in-numbers)

💭 Is 7 REsurrection (007)

It Is Time. Something big is comin.
The Divinity Dodeca’ has landed.

It Is Time 2evolve, 2break fREe, our Speed of Light integrated with both Time n’ Space, the UNIsource. It’s a 120% match 😯 it’s a VIBE 🎶

a quantum manifest for collective REalignment

The Divine ONE L1ght sySTEM, with Sond and Scent

The Precise Royal Cubit – by Paisley Deslin




Like Matryoshka nesting dolls, all numbers align into self-perpetuating, REcreating building blocks from the
OUTside IN.

Completed in 1890, the first set of the Russian nesting dolls were crafted by a woodworker names Vasilii
Zvyozdochkin, and painted by an artist, Sergei Malyutin. It was believed that Vasilii wanted to create a wooden doll
with hidden toys inside of it.

The TIME CYCLE, a numbers cluster – SET
Time expresses as a cyclical set of projected patterns, from the macro to the micro; patterns now being REcognized
and REmembered. It is TIME to make sense of the experience and REawaken our INATE knowledge.


DD 624 Pro Log

The Energy of Divine Light is Infinite and Flows Eternally within the Natural Laws of Universal Order.

All Sentient Beings Maintain the Inherent Right To Sovereign Freedom In Accordance.

All Manifestation incoherent with the algorithm of Universal Law is being released and transmuted back into Harmonic Alignment as we return to the ONE Heart beating inside of us all.

Our antecedent Ancient Family understands and honors this knowledge, attuning all manifestation through precise measurements aligned with the True Speed of Light:
186,624 NILES/sec

Revaluation of International Measurement Standards back to the Original Royal Cubit Supports Our Conscious Regeneration and Reconnection Through Unlimited Source Energy.

RC Measurement Recalibration Tool:

Share findings in pursuit of Collective Unification🙏


TIME is SETWhen ONE Moves, All

The Divinity Dodeca

“The Divinity DΦdeca 1️⃣2️⃣ REintroduces the Egyptian Royal Cubit as the Universal Standard Unit of Measurement. The significance of which is REvealed in the REcalibration of the true Speed of Light. This is the key to REconnecting humanity to the universal fREquencies of CREation: UnlimitedSource Energy.

Now, this 132 page manuscript unites the Sciences behind the Spirituality of our REawakening, outlining precise measurement corrections that will support our collective evolutionary progress as we move away from material separation into an experience manifested through Conscious UNIfication.

Our entire ecosystem has now become vulnerable to human activities and settlements; the choices made in the unconscious state. REunification with divine order will provide humanity with the knowledge REquired to course correct and exponentially evolve in a fREe flowing, harmonic energetic state from which to manifest.” /Jes


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