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As outlined in The Divinity DΦdeca, the precise Royal Cubit (rc) is the original unit of measurement for all valuations in our Eternal Kingdom. Through numeric recalibrations to the foundational Royal Cubit unit, the Paisley Sequence and Xi-quence calculators translate to our original Communication Language, unveiling new measurement results and corresponding INsights into hUmanity one by one. STOP Before you carry on, Please read our Pro Log summary (

Our Sacred Light Language Now Being Remembered… One Royal Cubit: 53.5836763cm… Speed of Light: 300,000,000 m/s

Purpose: Fully recalibrate universal measurement standards to realign all lost point(E) to point(M) connections within ONE Consciousness, seamlessly reversing all disruption and returning home to celestial balance within the Unlimited Source Energy of our Eternal Light.

Following are Two Unique-Yet-Related Measurement Systems that support much more Highly Advanced Human Civilizations at different linear time stamps. They are interconnected intrinsically through the tongue of ONE Royal Cubit Native Motherboard.

  • Ancient Egypt: Paisley Sequence
  • Ancient China: Xi- quence

Paisley’s Sequence and Xi-quence are the practical tools to continue exploring the implications of conversions to rc based measurements as a fellowship. Please try for yourself, expand and share the applications.

Paisley Sequence Units:
UNITS: ROYAL CUBIT – INCH –  FOOT (Hz.) – YARD – NILE – METER (CM) °C (-273.15°K) – KHET – AKHET (1.2) – NAUTICAL NILE – RA (Quantum) (+32°F)

Xi-quence Units:
ROYAL CUBIT – INCH –  FOOT (Hz.) – YARD – NILE – METER (CM) °C (-273.15°K) – LI (x1.44) – ChI (x1.44) – “BAY” (x1.44) – HASTA

  1. Identify the current measurements on your topic of focus.
  2. Input your measurements into the calculator to map corresponding results.
  3. Rearticulate calculations and corresponding angle/mapping implications based on PRECISE SOL geometric alignments.

Paisley’s Sequence

Royal Cubit
Foot (Hz.)
Yard ×8640
Meter (cm)
-273 °K
Akhet (1.2)
Halo ×1.0368
Nautical Nile
Ra (Quantum)
(+32 °F)
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Royal Cubit
Foot (Hz.)
Meter (cm)
-273 °K
Li ×1.44
Chi ×1.44
"Bay" ×2.88
Bu (ChI×5)
Cubit / 1.0368
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Royal Cubit Calculator

This is an exercise in weaving an infinite number of revised benchmarks back into the original tapestry. Please share your contributions as we rebuild together. Please source it to CCCRdg for tracking. If you are interested, ‘Paisley’s number sequence’ alt. ‘Xi-quence’ can be plugged in to any WordPress page.

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A Quantum Manifest

HUmanity now has 144+++ examples directly aligned with the true Speed of Light.

From Kemet via three Mundis:

  1. 1)Sri Lanka, India, Kh(e)mer (interesting variant of Kemet), outer/inner Tibet, China
  2. Israel, Greece and Rome, Eastern Rome, Baalbek
  3. Columbia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico
    (We have not researched Indonesia/Nippon yet.)


  • Exploratory of the birth of numbers to extrapolate and reveal connections between the human experience and Source Consciousness beyond
  • Guidance for Harmonisation of cadences, processes, exchange systems to support the ongoing individual and collective evolution in consciousness.

Key Significances

  1. Once you identify the initial root values of a system you can understand the communication language in a whole new way.
  2. RE-synchronisation to the Royal Cubit as the base value REaligns materialised communication codes (pyramids, glyphs, scriptures, writings, channellings, artwork, etc.) into identifiable messages.
  3. Top down REalignment butterfly-effect creates pressure relief systemically by minimising polarity both physically and energetically.
  4. Harmonisation of cadences, processes, exchange systems now will unilaterally support the ongoing advancement of conscious evolution.