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Compare sacred measurements in numbers

The precise Royal Cubit (rc) – Paisley’s number sequence / The Divinity DΦdeca Compares sacred measurements in numbers. As outlined in The Divinity DΦdeca, the precise Royal Cubit (rc) is the original unit of measurement for all valuations in our ancient kingdom. Through recalibration to this standard it will bring all lost knowledge into unified clarity as new measurement results and corresponding insights are revealed one by one. STOP Before you carry on, Please read our Pro Log summary (

Purpose: We will collectively recalibrate universal measurement standards in order to reveal the lost connections that will seamlessly and systemically accelerate reversal of the negative impacts on our ecosystem.

Paisley’s Number Sequence is the practical tool to continue exploring the implications of conversions to rc based measurements as a fellowship.. Please try for yourself and expand the applications. UNITS: ROYAL CUBIT – INCH –  FOOT (Hz.) – YARD – NILE – METER (CM) °C (-273.15°K) – KHET – AKHET (1.2) – NAUTICAL NILE – RA (Quantum) (+32°F)

  1. Identify your topic of focus.
  2. Input your current measurements into the calculator to map corresponding results.
  3. Rearticulate calculations and corresponding angle/mapping implications based on PRECISE geometric alignments.
  4. This is an exercise in weaving an infinite number of revised benchmarks back into the original tapestry.  Please share your contributions as we rebuild together.
Royal CubitInch %Slope°Foot (Hz.)Yard ×8640NileMeter (cm) °C (-273 °K)KhetAkhet (1.2) Halo x1.0368Nautical NileRa (Quantum) (+32 °F)
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Royal Cubit Calculator – THE DIVINITY DΦDECA

A Quantum Manifest

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  • Exploratory of the birth of numbers to extrapolate and reveal connections between the human experience and Source Consciousness beyond
  • Guidance for Harmonisation of cadences, processes, exchange systems to support the ongoing individual and collective evolution in consciousness.

Key Significances

  1. Once you identify the initial root values of a system you can understand the communication language in a whole new way.
  2. RE-synchronisation to the Royal Cubit as the base value REaligns materialised codes (pyramids, glyphs, scriptures, writings, channellings, artwork, etc.) into identifiable messages.
  3. Top down REalignment butterfly-effect creates pressure relief systemically by minimising polarity both physically and energetically.
  4. Harmonisation of cadences, processes, exchange systems now will unilaterally support the ongoing advancement of conscious evolution.