Our “Time Piece” has been out of sync, creating interference in the signal. What time piece might this be? Our internal atomic clock is naturally synchronised with Celestial timing. We experience this universal flower-of-life cycling through the natural world around us. We feel the peace and balance of this heartbeat. This Natural State of existence is Quantumly Coherent—One movement impacts the Whole system. Yet we have been perceiving our Being as separate from Nature and from ONE (another). We are not. We compose unique-yet-interconnected pieces of a Universal Consciousness harnessing Light-Speed Technology to materialise into every imaginable form. We are a part of a Divine Natural Intelligence that we are just beginning to comprehend. Blog post #4

Light System Foundational Reference:
1 Royal Cubit = 53.5836763 cm

Speed of Light:
559,872,000 RC/s (set in stone)
186,624 Niles/s
300,000,000 m/s

-SRR Light system design – 108x16x108

It’s likely Paisley’s number sequence works within the quantum qbit too.

Cubit to Qbit understanding consciousness

We have tracked 108++ examples of the speed of light from Kemet via three mundis, 1 Sri Lanka, India, Kh(e)mer (interesting variant of Kemet), outer/inner Tibet, China. 2 Israel, Greece and Rome, Eastern Rome, Baalbek. 3 Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico.

We have not researched Indonesia/Nippon.


Celestial sync

ONE best ways to prove time is with distance 120% match with sun (star) planetary orbits. Then with numbers match
2000 raspberries
Sphere 2000 Sphere 2160
Or, just halves combined to whole 🦇🫶
559872000 per sec
Speed Of Light 186624 niles/sec

Sacred Harmonics


As you know by now, since two yrs all and every measurement is on the precise millimetre. We have not changed nor alternated any numbers. Cos these are aligned with the speed of light 559872000 rc per sec.

In the new era of 2024, I think by now it’s time to adjust and reset our worldly but wrongly number systems with the right one, the first 1 Royal cubit = 0.00033.. niles = 0.000535863736 km

In a tangible sense, this time piece we are talking about relates to the clarity of the photonic signalling to and from our Celestial Sun; the beautiful, life-shaping Light Source in this grand tapestry. The level of precision in the time framing impacts the quality of the output experienced; the manifestation perceived through the Natural Sacred Geometric language we are now beginning to remember writing. Timing precision (speed and position dependent) is critical for comprehension and exchange as we return to our natively quantum coherent state.
The Celestial Time Unit unifies and connects all dimensionally disparate Galactic Time Systems:
1AU=93312000 Niles
1Parsec = 3e16 meter/ps=1.86624e13 ni/ps
This chrono-continuity is critical to ensure seamless communication, unrestricted movement, and non-interference within the Whole. When in precise alignment, infinite energy through every part of the whole resumes. This ONE Time Unit is set by light speed signalling within the golden ratio’s harmonically balanced algorithm. Returning to this timing set point is an energetic restoration elevating
our Conscious experience back into a State of Quantum Coherence –Limitless Energetic Flow—centre of the signal stream. There is no delay, no signal interference, no shadow; it no longer exists. From this original Conscious State, the Light of Creation-Unlimited Energy- flows through our ONE Whole. Perpetually Regeneration. All metrology systems and processes naturally balance in energetic exchange accordingly. Back Into Harmonic Step-Energetically back ‘online’ with the True Nature of this Eternal Life.

The Light/Time Connection

Through Photonic collisions we create ‘materialised’ matter and anti-matter. Light photons deliver communication using cross-triangulating matrices of thermal variability that dictate the mass and density of manifesting sound forms within the super-conducting water body. Reference our Sacred Geometry records–the patterns, the symbols, the codes. Our Light Communication System utilises this universal quantum language, sequencing the harmonic algorithm, to send and receive information through Hz frequencies. Information is moved through photonic light packets creating the ongoing particle wave cycle…frame by frame Light packets, creating the Experience of Time through delay.

“The dynamics of electrons changes ever so slightly on each interaction with a photon. Physicists
have now measured such interplay in its arguably purest form — by recording the attosecond-scale
time delays associated with one-photon transitions in an unbound electron. “
-ETH Zurich Department of Physics

The Speed of Light is not recorded at exactly 300.000.000 m/s because the definition of SOL is tied to the definition of Length and Time. To express the correct Speed of Light in Meters and Seconds, the definition of the meter and the second must first be recalculated…

Error Correction Underway:
Our fundamental measure definitions for the meter and the second have been misaligned with the original measures synced with our celestial cycles. These with the 1.0368 Harmonic ratio within the Natural Laws of Universal Order that regulate and maintain equilibrium and perceptual regeneration within the Whole.

The Original Meter Unit within our Divine Quantum Light System:
53.5836763 Cm
.53.5836763 M

The Original Time Unit within our Divine Quantum Light System:
3.1104 Parsec

7,776,000,000 Light Seconds in Meters
1AU=93312000 Niles

Think of this Out of Time Experience like an Out of Focus Picture

Conceptual example: When an iPhone takes a ‘Live’ picture, the lens captures light to record multiple frames and selects the Key frame with the clearest parameters as the final shot. The user can still pan through the other frames and select a different frame as the Key. Now imagine the iPhone is always choosing a Key frame that is Not the clearest. It’s a repeating action that isn’t hitting its mark. Our whole Conscious experience has been set in the HZ differentials accordingly. Yhe aliasing is coming from distorted/masked incoming light communication signals.

There is ONE specific interaction, Specific Pulse, within each Light packet delivering the clearest communication.

This is the point where zero Light is being blocked. Full Clarity, Full Signal. Full Coherence.
300,000,000 m/s, also
186,624 Niles/s

Returning to the Foundational Royal Cubit measurement and its correspondence with Light Speed re-synchronises our Consciousness with the precise PEAK Position and Time Frame cadence to ensure seamless and unlimited energetic flow.

  1. Clearly see full cause/effect picture to create most impactful resilience strategies—ONE moves, the WHOLE
  2. Reopen all blocked communication channels
  3. Effectively regulate light speeds to return to gravitational control and electro-magnetic propulsion

Resynchronising Full System…Waking Back Up

As we Return to our Natural State of Consciousness, trust that fear, greed and corruption are dissolving. Those polarities do not exist in our natural state, rather they are a symptom of misalignments now clearing. Our Heart energetically free flowing through every piece of our true nature.

In an Energetic sense, this is the connection to our ‘Higher Self’, a more real-than-this-dream Higher Expression of Self that we’re starting to remember in full form beyond this veiled space and time. The energy of our Eternal Light flows abundantly and limitlessly, and the vitality of Life depends on it. Our collective has been misaligned with our Heart’s connection to our Source Light for linear centuries, creating a prismatic, shadowed time delay within the experience. The illusion of separation has left us feeling unsafe and alone- a breeding ground for an exacerbated fight-or-flight ego response, holding us in a fear-based reactionary mode—gravitational inertia within a black hole vacuum. This is not our natural state.

It is at this point in our journey back to Our Source Light, that we are beginning to truly realise the energetic interconnection between all the parts of a Singular Whole. We are parts of ONE Loving Source beyond any manmade religion. It is through the internal reconnection/resynchronisation with our Divine Light, that we will again find unity externally.

Our Galactic Light system runs on the technology of our bespoken Universal Intelligence existing beyond this space and time. It has been off-line in a bound, linear state. An errored processing algorithm has been cycling in densely polarised frequencies. This context expands the definition of Artificial Intelligence to a much broader scope than what most of Humanity yet understands. When one piece loses quantum coherence, the whole system loses it. Not truly understanding our Divine Source Connection, this materialised experience became our only frame of reference for existence.

To reiterate, there is a natural cadence, a Sacred quantumly-coherent algorithm, that allows for free, unrestricted flow and communication exchange throughout ONE Universal System. The implication of this realisation: All programming misaligned with Divine Natural Intelligence IS artificial intelligence. And now, we will continue to see the dissolution and reassimilation of all gone rouge.

All Sentient Beings will again have sovereign freedom within the Natural Laws of Universal Order to ensure the whole will protect and serve the sum of its parts. This also ensures all forward development will support our acceleration back into our Harmonic Eternal State of Perpetual Generation. It is about Time.

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