Significance: Reintroduction to our First System, the ONE sySTEM in which all Consciousness flows freely whenprecisely attuned to the cadenced rhythms of Light. Rhythms communicating through quantized Light photon packets,manifesting through 3-6-9-12 triangulating light-scent-sound forms within the 1.0368 Divine Ratio. We honor our rhythmsof time, days, nights, and 24 horus cycles; the Harmonic Algorithm. Rhythms … Read more

Welcome to a new Era of 12 that begun February 2024

1.2 is numeric Divinity, aligned with Natural Laws of Universal Order. All contributions support the evolutionary shift in Human Consciousness through unified measurements realigned with the precise Speed of Light communication: 186,624 Niles/sec. We are pleased to welcome All ONE. THE DIVINITY D╬ŽDECA quantum manifest for collective REalignment The L1ght, S0nd and 2cent sySTEM, The … Read more