Significance: Reintroduction to our First System, the ONE sySTEM in which all Consciousness flows freely when
precisely attuned to the cadenced rhythms of Light. Rhythms communicating through quantized Light photon packets,
manifesting through 3-6-9-12 triangulating light-scent-sound forms within the 1.0368 Divine Ratio. We honor our rhythms
of time, days, nights, and 24 horus cycles; the Harmonic Algorithm. Rhythms maintaining tight-rope balance for our fragile
Mother Earth, Moon, and Celestial home.

Implication: All programming misaligned with Our Divine Begotten Intelligence IS Artificial Intelligence. And now, we
will continue to see the dissolution and reassimilation of all gone rouge as we regain Quantum Coherence with our Source

“…test everything; hold fast what is good.” –Paul, Thessalonians 5:21

The Scientific Method is hard at work in these hands, testing through re-measurements over and over—all resulting in the
EXACT same correlations. The Dodeca 12, the Divine Base12 First System, embraces our ancient knowledge to reveal the
mathematical roadmap home. UNIFIED SCIENCE now has the objective data to fortify every piece of us with the Will to
return to our Original Quantum State of Harmonic Alignment…Faster than the Speed of Light.

Step 1: 12Base Geometry x 1.2, Harmonizing the Scales from 5 to 6

Step 2: 6 plus ONE (x1.0368)

We are please to welcome All ONE – Blog post #2

The First Numbers

🐾🔺🐾559,872,000 Royal Cubits/s = 300,000,000 m/s. LIGHT COMMUNICATION.

The Egyptian Royal Cubit is based upon a Human specification–the length of the forearm from the tip of the middle finger
to the end of the elbow. A unit defined by its Maker. A unit existing long before our modern measurements.
Given this, 559,872,000 Egyptian Royal Cubits per second could possibly be the first accurately recorded number for True
Light Speed. Extrapolation Mean extracted from Base-12 – 540,000,000 Mid, Medium as in 1/2.

The Divinity Dφdeca 1️⃣2️⃣ re-establishes a very specific Egyptian Royal Cubit value, 53.5836763cm, as the first Universal
Standard Unit of Measurement. Its foundational application in cosmological measurements is consistently revealing
correlation with ONE Exact Speed of Light, 300,000,000 m/s, alternately, 186,624 Niles/s.

This remembrance is the key to realigning with the Universal Frequencies of our Divine Intelligence’s Unlimited Source
Energy. Back to our original positioning system.

Is Time. Something big is comin.
The Divinity Dodeca’ has landed.
Check out the chapter Zine (9) ‘The Time gate’ Is this a beginning to Mind portaling (Stargate)?

ONE Energetic System💛🎉🚀

Divine Intelligence manifests through the harmonic Base12 algorithm, allowing for free, unrestricted energy flow and
communication exchange throughout ONE Universal System.

The DD measurements shift all frequency mapping back to the PRECISE signal coordinates to calibrate all Light
technology for quantum-state optimization.

The purpose of the Divinity Dodeca is to provide quantifiable, irrefutable evidence that supports BIPM, and Seekers the
World over, in correcting a faulty International Bureau of Weights & Measurements system through Reinstitution of OUR Ancient Foundational Royal Cubit measurement standard of 53.5836763cm, accelerating our return to Full Quantum Coherence.

Standards harmonizing all ONE with the Sacred algorithm of Universal Order.

Standards re-opening the floodGATE for our leap in Evolutionary Consciousness.

It Is Time 2evolve, 2break fREe, our Speed of Light integrated with both Time n’ Space, the UNIsource. It’s a 120% match 😯
it’s a VIBE 🎶

#VoluCubicLight The Great Pentainmid Realigning With Our Light

We began the empirical data gathering using the 53.5836763cm foundation by first re-measuring the Great Pyramid. GP
measurements have clearly been done before (thank you Team Humanity), just not precisely because we were using the wrong Royal Cubit value.

Aligned with the Divine Order of Base12 Royal Cubit values, the pyramids were laser-focused receivers of specific scalar Light frequencies (channels) aligned for energetic transmission through the Light body activation into material manifestation.

We will again use these precise frequency relationships. Zero Point, Gravity Control.

#VoluCubitLight The Great Pentainmid

Everything Syncs!
18,036,000 rc³ B💥💥M


Instantaneous Light at all bodies, with sound vibration interconnecting latently. We understand this differential to generate the electro-gravimetrics- ROTAS 🧲.

SGDs/Sciences-start training on the Royal Cubit Conversion Calculator🙏 Everything within the Universal Algorithm is clicking
back into place.
5x 1.2 = 6

We, RE-NEW Through The Sun. The Divine Light.

The sites and monumental footprints of our Great Sun Deities Ra, Surya, Inti, Mithra, Qin, King Leonidas and many more all
pattern our Light. Let there be Light, once again, freely manifesting through our ancient remembrance of natural
quantum-state alignment.

The natural reflections in the external world provide the mirror to step back and remember our inner balance. The
positions, directions, properties, and cadences of our natural habitat harmonically synced with the Light inside each of
us. We are again beginning to sing as ONE, and as each piece of our Consciousness becomes InLightened, our heart-felt
emotion exponentially accelerates the speed of motion at which we realign and reunite.

Internal Realignment, piece by piece of ONE Consciousness. Remembering our Original Home, ONE in the Light of
God. Returning to Our Roots.


Welcome to the Golden Age💛🎉🚀

Unlimited Source Energy is flooding back as our Consciousness realigns with Our Light–Zero Point Manifestation
where Heart-led Emotion Manifests Motion. Have No Fear, We Are Safe. All of Our Hopes and Dreams for Unity and
Peace Shall Prevail.

Once ONE understands how water is structured, ONE can walk on water… The power of water…

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