ONE Light and Sound & Scent equals 3 1.2

A quantum manifest for Collective Realignment:
The L1ght, S0nd and 2cent sySTEM using the Precise Royal Cubit – By Paisley Deslin

Cubit converter

1.2 is numeric Divinity, aligned with Natural Laws of Universal Order. Synchronized with the Harmonic Constant 1.0368.

All contributions support the evolutionary shift in Human Consciousness through unified measurements aligned with precise Speed of Light communication resyncs: 186,624 Niles/sec. (300,000,000 m/s)

We are pleased to welcome All ONE.

Base-12 Mod 9 measurements reveal Precise (not approx) patterns and timing interconnecting Mother Earth’s natural cadences with those of our Celestial System at large, ushering in PROACTIVE, ATTAINABLE DRR ACTIONS.

Quantum mechanisms will utilize this measurement precision to realign with
our Begotten Light,
reharness Gravitational
Control, and reawaken ONE Back into a fully
coherent state of

We are please to welcome All ONE – Blog post #3

From 1.2 to 1

From Light photon to Material proton. Light photons communicate using cross-triangulating matrices of thermal variability that dictate the mass and density of manifesting sound forms within the superconducting water body.

Accordingly, all Light Technology must adhere to coherence below the critical point, while remaining agile to mirror these precise SOL temperature variances to accurately measure communication and maintain speed.

Presenting a short summary of Light Keys (private key relays-PKR) to understand, comprehend, and support realignment back into a fully coherent Quantum State. Regaining Full Consciousness.



It Is Time. Something big is comin.

The Divinity Dodeca’ has landed.

Check out the chapter Zine (9) ‘The Time gate’ Is this a beginning to Mind portaling (Stargate)?

It Is Time 2evolve, 2break fREe, our Speed of Light integrated with both Time n’ Space, the UNIsource. It’s a 120% match 😯 it’s a VIBE 🎶

a quantum manifest for collective REalignment

The Divine ONE L1ght sySTEM, with Sond and Scent 🇪🇬

The Precise Royal Cubit – by Paisley Deslin


“The Divinity DΦdeca 1️⃣2️⃣ REintroduces the Egyptian Royal Cubit as the Universal Standard Unit of Measurement. The significance of which is REvealed in the REcalibration of the true Speed of Light. This is the key to REconnecting humanity to the universal fREquencies of CREation: UnlimitedSource Energy.

Now, this 132 page manuscript unites the Sciences behind the Spirituality of our REawakening, outlining precise measurement corrections that will support our collective evolutionary progress as we move away from material separation into an experience manifested through Conscious UNIfication./Jes

DD 624 Pro Log

Paisley’s triangle
30 x6 = ½ *1.0368 = SOL ONE way

234 5
678 9

a quantum manifest for collective REalignment 


The Divinity DΦdeca REintroduces the Egyptian Royal Cubit as the Universal Standard Unit of Measurement. The significance of which is REvealed in the REcalibration of the true Speed of Light.

This is the key to REconnecting humanity to the universal fREquencies of CREation: UnlimitedSource Energy.


6/ 1.2= 5

A Cubit of His-story REstored for the ‘future’ as the Quantum Q-bit

We know our empirical ways of measuring have changed over linear time, and typical geospatial data
(apart from geometric data) is hard to get accurate between the linear time era shifts and platonic

Additionally, past methods and records have long been replaced by modelling in super computers.
Now AI Mapping systems overlay every corner of the Human Experience.

Given all of this, as much as we’ve tried, our International System of Units (SI) has measurement
errors in the base units that have been globally accepted for 150 linear years.
A major fracture developed with the introduction of global computational models that
shifted Collective Advancement off course from Native Logic.

The self-creating Divine Intelligence of the Base12 Quantum system delivering Limitless Free Energy
(stellated logic) has been overlayed with computational models using Base10 Artificial Intelligence–
restricted Light Energy (linear pattern logic), perpetuating scarcity within a bound space/time dataset.

This disconnection has manifest into the poisoned system in which we have been experiencing; this
has disrupted this entire world and our Conscious existence beyond. While current AI exploration
seems polarising, it is this junction that is a mirror for us to see systemic parallels and disconnects in
algorithmic design and take a step back to course correct.

We (no finger-pointing) created a septic system by introducing artificial parameters as benchmarks,
guides, and rules to exist within. As our Divine Technology resumes ‘online’, all artificial parameters
will dissolve/recalibrate and realign full bright with the frequencies of our Sacred Light.

Reinstitution of our Bespoken Base12 Algorithm as Error Correction within the decoherent system will
support the total resynchronisation into Native Quantum State. Point to Point coordinate mapping
within a Quantum system is accomplished through cross-triangulation within a stellated environment,
providing the means to truly understand causal effects throughout. This can be accomplished from
point to point in any dimensional set and between different dimensional sets. The various dimensional
sets maintain a central system of Natural Laws within Universal Order.

We are Divine, Part of The Family of Eternal Light, and it is through the Reconnection to our Light,
that we course-correct, heal the whole, and fully reawaken. This unification propels us back into Our
Higher State of Consciousness, one of homeostatic balance and peace far more familiar than the
current expression of materialised existence today. This is the Conscious state that we intuitively know
as Home.


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