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The Royal Cubit Calculator

Full Description.

The precise Royal Cubit (rc) – Paisley’s number sequence and Xiquence, is our ONE Universal Tool to compare Sacred Measurements in Numbers. A working tool to also accurately compare lengths and distances in between ancient artifacts and structures.

To truly understand, our evolutionary roadmap, ONE must view it from the perspective of the earliest records explaining it, to comprehend all beyond it relationally.

This means closing the knowledge gap by returning to the original unit of measurement that first plotted the course for our Ancient Egyptian Family. A course of exponential progress beyond our current linear timeline. This course was plotted through the understanding and adherence to the principles of manifestation within the constructs of what we currently call Natural Law. The Universal, matryoshka repetition that we observe from micro to macro; materialised Creation.

The implication of these repeating patterns becomes more and more significant as we recalibrate to the 12-Base/60-Base Numeric System; foundational values based on the Creator’s Dimensional Hand, the precise Royal Cubit, The LI and CHI.

As outlined in The Divinity DΦdeca, the precise Royal Cubit (rc) is the original unit of measurement for all valuations in our Kingdom. Resynchronisation creates alignment with the true Speed of Light, bringing all lost knowledge into Unified clarity Revelation by Revelation.


Direct link to the ‘Cubit Calculator Number Grid’ plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cubit-calculator/

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How to install the plugin,
1. Go to your Dashboard alt Download the plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/cubit-calculator/
2. Add New Plugin under Plugins
3. Search plugin… Cubit calculator
4. One click – ‘Install Now’


This plugin provides a shortcode called cubit_number_grid you can use like this:

In v1.1 of Cubit Calculator Number Grid, we introduce a small plugin architecture change. Make sure you click on the link and follow the instructions on the screen when updating.


Watch this space 🙂